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"I Was a Soldier in Kosovo": Discourses of... Expand / Collapse
Posted 09 April 2018 21:18

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Simply amazing! James was the subject of this university study in ethnomusicology published in Finland in 2015.

“I Was a Soldier in Kosovo”: Discourses of war in James Blunt’s early musical career
The Finnish Yearbook of Ethnomusicology

You can access a downloadable PDF file in English here:

The Finnish Yearbook of Ethnomusicology is a peer reviewed open access music research journal in Finland. It is published by the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology.

English citation:
Hytönen-Ng, E., Skaniakos, T., & Ng, K. (2015). “I Was a Soldier in Kosovo”: Discourses of war in James Blunt’s early musical career. The Yearbook of Ethnomusicology, 27, 142–166. https://doi.org/10.23985/evk.66779

Brief excerpt:

"Our aims are to show how ethnomusicologically questions and discussions are presented in popular music and media. Throughout this article we want to raise awareness on how war can be part of the Western popular music making and mainstream pop. Academic discussions have generally avoided artists such as Blunt and others whose mainstream repertoire sells millions. We demonstrate how, in popular music, the artist's own experiences has influenced music making; the "real life" can be relevant in all kinds of music and cultures. Our main research question is to study what kind of war related discourses can be found in James Blunt's music making and its media representations in the years 2004-2008."

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