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CHAPTER 3 UP Expand / Collapse
Posted 31 January 2018 15:13
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He looks so fine these days.. What do you think?

Love me, worship me and be at my knees.
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Posted 04 February 2018 07:27
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It was a bright sunshining day, when he stepped away from the media into the comforts of his household. He dragged his towel away from the chair it was hanging on to take it to the bathroom to shower with.. Inadmittently, he grew lazy and decided to just wash his face. He reached out to the soap bottle and squeezed a small amount into the palm of his hands, lattered it and gentle applied it to his face. His bristles from his face tickled his palms slightly as he admired them through the mirror. Gently lattering his forehead, his lovely high printed cheeks, leaving his lovely kissable lips and eye area out. It didnt even take a minute when he rinsed his face, making sure the soap was out of his stubbles. Was he going for a shave? No, he just was smitten by his own good looks and the way his stubbles looked like in the mirror. Prompt it is, to leave it alone and let more people admire his dashing good looks for a few more days, when he would have gone into 'old man' mode! And it didnt really appeal to him, that look. But if it kept him aged in this modern young world then that was what he was going to keep.

He stepped away from the sink to remit to the bedroom. Tomorrow was another day. She slung his towel back onto the chair and settled on his bed to watch the daily news.

"James is currently on his second tour. Waiting for his next public appearance to open in 3 days time.. Fans can catch him behind stage if they win the special 'ticket to his heart' which is a competition to win on radio 98FM...Fans alike.."

He browsed through the newspaper trying to catch up on more of the news with him... 'Ticket to his heart, ticket to his heart' he kept reading.

He stared into outer space with the bright shinny star of Venus shining through his bedroom window. He dreamed off into oblivion, hoping that his back pain would ail. How ever is he supposed to play the piano with 2 fingers missing? He closed his eyes, drifting off into eternal sleep, when the telephone rang.

"Hello, who is this?" he muttered into the phone still in his centrally laid down position.

"James... Ticket to your heart, ticket to your heart... Do you want any of these 3 girls to win?"

"Uh huh", he wiped his eyes with his clammy hands. The head cramp the guy over the phone was giving him with his shrilling voice naturally put his deeper into sleep.

"This is Petri... This is Remy and This is..."

"I want her..." He mummered, and that was the end, the phone collapsed into the floor and he drifted off to sleep.

The day started out as sun shinning as the previous. He rubbed his eyes and awoke instantly, remembering that he shouldnt be too deep into sleep as he awoke, or he would have a problem waking up fully and be sleep deprived the entire day. He rushed off to the kitchen and made himself a piece of toast.. He decided that some cereal would do him good too, and wake him up even more. "Ticket to his heart, ticket to his heart". He surely wouldnt miss a chance to meet his dream girl, nevertheless more with sleep. It was just a blur to him as his thoughts sped through.

He picked up a cigar, just for sure sake that he would be wide awake, and decided to smoke 1/4 for the day. Imported from Europe, they made him feel evoked, and sexy.. like a full grown man! He took a puff, and exhaled fully to get the rush in his chest... "Woohaaa", He exclaimed without promptu.

"James, babe, Im coming down to fetch you in a few minutes, you ready?" David rang the alarm.

It wasnt a few minutes, when the door swung open. Splat onto the wall behind! "Ready?" He whimpered.

James was all the rave, dressed up in gray t shirt, with a sweater slung along his back, with long black pants to match. His friend admired him but in a woebegone kinda way...

"Looking to dress down?", he exclaimed, knowing that James didnt have the best fashion sense for himself ever and was trying to be as subtle as possible without bringing his feelings down again.

Nevertheless, that was how he felt. David observed that and gave him a pat on the arse, thinking he would feel better about himself. James had a small undergrown arse, as his mind is set as. Thats why he thought he would cheer him up, but the worst wasnt gone.

"James, I think we really need a change of your looks.. Come, come down to the studio. We'll put some make up on you, and spruce you right up."

James face changed colour. He could see it in his eyes, at 1 go. Basically he knew all about him in an instant. That's what being his personal trainer should be just like. They left together, David holding on to his shoulders protectively.

The drum rolling enacted. He took center stage and waited for his cue. 'You're beautiful, you're beautiful..." He sang on and on, practicing for the actual performance later on. His eyes lighted in anticipation...Which pretty misses am I meeting onstage today, he dreamed on. His eyes were dancing with passion.

"Put your passion into it, James" Peter, his band mate whistled in his ear.

He sang even louder, dreaming of 'picking up' a beautiful girl. He imagined his dream girl in the audience and smirked.

"Give her a wink James", Peter whistled.

He put on his best smile and while he was off camera, he winked into the make believe audience.

"Thats the way, buddy"

"Give it a little bit extra, James!", It was Peter again.

He neared the stages edge, and screamed wildly through his microphone, trying to grasp the attention of someone in the make believe audience. They were actually 4 sit-ins who had won previous competions before. They smiled quizically at him... probably not knowing why he was gaping his mouth that much.

"Do it again, James", Peter called.

He shook his body, along with the rhythm of the guitar. This and that way as his back moved seductively with the music, moving and dancing along with it, like a pigeon on hot plate.

"Thats the way.. Go all the way, James", Peter sprouted.

He took it slowly and alluringly, shaking his hips, left and right, bouncing it around, and seductively wooing the woman he had chosen by girating his hips gentle and subtlely. It eventually turned into thrusting motions. The girl went wild... She was pratically drooling down his shorts.

"WOOHOOOO, James. Finish it off!"

He slowly moved his hips into deeper thrusting motions and imagined himself brushing up against that girls thighs and slowly to her private spot. And the rest is restricted to Adult viewing.

The concert practice went well. He dashed out of the practice room for some fresh air. Peter was following closely behind as a good buddy always does. He was protecting him from his own fame. Dumping people here and there and about just for space for James to do another performance later.

He reached his favourite destination, Starbucks. He swiped through the coffee bar, getting ready some money for the cashier.. 1 Iced Mocha please. His favourite drink. The queue was long and slow as always and there were a few pretty youngins sitting around the corner. He eyed them to see if they were worth any attention. They were. They were giggling romantically, treating him like their own personal boyfriend. He smiled at them, an alluring, down godden smithering smile. They giggled even more frantically. He brushed past them to see if any of them would take the opportunity, but they didnt. One was trying to give him the eye... but that couldnt compare to the kind of stares he was capable of.

"Hi babes", he whispered, seeing if anyone could hear him. He was checking to see if they were kinder enough to lend him an ear. He caught the attention of one of them, the littlest one with the darling head and long flaring floral dress. She stared intently, hoping he would 'choose' her. He stared back, forcefully, and mansomely, showing her that he meant it. It got her so flustered! Her painties almost flew away!

He sat there, slurping his Iced Mocha at the table located for him in the center, which was specially catered for him to sit on. It was in the breeze outside, so that he could feel the coolness evaporate through his pants, nasal and hair. It was such a feeling! Sipping on the coffee and letting the breeze overtake. He opened his eyes wider, and made intervention with the people walking past. He saw a ravishing woman shaking her arse here and there and pretended that she wasnt wearing any panties underneath her super short skirt. He tried to peep and got a glimpse of her rock hard buttcheeks. He could feel something erecting in his lower groinal region. He continued on, and saw a few more babes wearing revealing tops. He could see them shaking it, and they got a whistle from him, but it wasnt meant for the sound he wanted to let them hear. A few more sexy mamas and it was time to go.

"Dont get your hopes up" David was there. He was trying to lighten the air, but James wasnt interested.

"Throw all the junk out of your head,alright" He continued nagging.

The grand opening was near. Petri was sitting in the front row, together with Remy sitting a few seats away. The 3rd one, Jilly was sitting in the 2dn row, and to tell you the truth, all 3 of them looked the same. Petri with the gorgeous head of hair, and lovely blossoming breasts, Remy with the lovely mambo arse, and Jilly, the cute, remnant darling. They all looked so good, good enough to eat!

Petri was the best kind of fan ever. She bought every single piece of media out there with him in it. Watched every single video with him on it, even on the news, on Youtube, and on the VCDs she bought. She practically had every single performance he ever made, even though this was the first show in her city. Therefore, it was her turn to come into his life. She wasnt going to miss the opportunity! She would listen to him in her house on her VCD, and sing long with him, and listen to his lyrics intently and pretent to be the girl he was singing about. She was so in love with him, like with noone before, and she wasnt that young either. Just about 3 years his junior. She was so hoping that he would call her onstage, and get a chance to finally meet the man of her desires. She was pretty too, with her low cut street top, and mini pink and white motived skirt, which she heard was his favourite colour on girls, and sassy black coloured socks with transparent, plastic slippers. She was the whole deal!

Remy on the other hand was simple looking and had braids on. Her hair was luscious and thick, just like what she heard James liked. On the other hand, she was pretty simply made.

Jilly was a young one, Not nearing 20, but she loved him anyway whether he was into younger girls or not. She was the engineering one.

He filled the stage. He was finally on after waiting for him for about an hour.

He sang and graced the stage with his presense.

Petri didnt let loose of any options. She was all the way. After an avid love making session with her eyes, she tried to get into his perspective look. But it didnt evolve. So she tried alternative methods, by trying to get his attention by winking and eyeing him through the side of her eyes. Near the middle of the concert, she actually stood up on the seat to show him that she was brave and willing, and danced to his music. She was in the least bit shy, pushing all the cute guys aside to make James feel as special as possible. She hope he apprecicated it and that she wasnt going against some rule, prancing on her seat like that.

She was so wanting his attention..But the stage seemed so vast, and the people seemed so many. At least she was on her toes. She eyed him and eyed him until she could no longer see, and there were sweat in her eyes. Still she danced on and jumped up and down on her chair. She was the only one too!

Everybody was excited and kept clapping and clapping and hollering. She knew she was in his vicinity, but was too starstruck to make any initital movements. She treasured every song like a precious gem, his precious song which he made with his own sweat and blood. She hoped her favourite song "Dangerous" would play and she would have an insight to how 'dangerous' he really was. It was a turn on for her, it was. Like every other morsel of himself. He looked so cute with his facial motions that he looked right up good to eat. She imagined him by her side, on stage, singing to her, and only her. His intentions devoured by her deep sincere longing for his body, mind, and soul.

Within two songs, "dangerous" came on. She wailed loudly "Wooohooooo!" She was so hoping she would catch his attention or that hed make at least some kind of movement that would show her he was interested.. But it never survived. She screamed, but later found it strange. So she settled down, but still. Not a sign.

Until the time finally came..

"The time that you've all been waiting for has finally arrived!....The ticket to his heart, the ticket to his heart....!" It was time. It finally came.

"Goessss toooooo Remy!"

Petri was petrified. What an utter rejection, Petri thought. She was the one who was most outgoing and confrontational. Why didnt she win? She sobbed silently and watched as Remy went onstage to give James a hug.

She threw the stalk of flower she was carrying for him onstage, hoping that he would at least pick it up.

Her feelings reved as she eyed Remy hugging James on stage.."What a lousy hug", she complained. "I can do much better than that!" She cringed as she saw Remy groping James all over the place. She couldnt keep her hands off him. Secretly, she knew how James felt with this fat, nuinsance girl, with her arse so fat, she only needed to turn once on a bed with James, and she would 'fall off'. She on the other hand... Slowly, she grew shy, she knew into which deep crevice her thoughts were drifting off and surrendering into. She blushed. She still couldn't contemplate whether he was thinking of her or not, not even a little bit.

The hug seemed like it lasted a century for Petri. "So thats all the effort he needs to put into to get this fat bitch off of him!", she thought. Slowly, her jealousy availed, and she continued staring at them with guilt and wariness. She almost gave up and ran on stage herself. Her legs were aching for a go ahead, but she knew that wasnt right either. So she just stood her patience until he came back.

And then it was over. Just like that. Petri was hoping for at least another song. But the crowd started clapping and there were standing ovations so she just blended back into the crowd and wasnt pronounced anymore.

It was the end. All of a sudden. The crowd surprisingly wrestled on stage to meet him. Petri took the opportunity to go onstage too, but lost sight of him. She saw Jilly at the side, like she was rushing off into war! She giggled, finding that hilariously funny. She searched for the other one, but she was missing in action! "Maybe James brought her in with him!", She expelled. She was so jealous. She searched the area, but people were pushy, so she presumed that he had already gone back stage to retire. She darent go any further since she was already confused about what a hassle the crowd was making, not knowing that it was for her. Another chance lost from the severity of her non chalance. Sigh... Just like Petri.

The crowd left and the flower was finally picked up by a guy in costume, who was actually James' hiding behind other mask. He clenched it between his teeth after he smelled it adoringly and left the crowd. They never really got to meet though. Maybe another chance will come and Petri wont be that ridden by luck, and this time, there'll actually be some action.

He sincerely found her interesting through and dreamed on... "the ticket to my heart, the ticket to my heart". He tore the ticket up and threw it into the trash. Hopefully the real ticket will come again in the future, thats just something he has to hold 'in his heart' until the time comes again.


He awoke the next morning, like the morning before and the morning before that...All the mornings seemed repeatedly exotically the same every day, just like how he liked it.

"Good morning dear" wailed an enthusiatic mother. It was James mother and she occationally came down to visit him when he was in town. "Ive prepared some sandwiches for you", she cutely said. Tuna with Oatmeal bread, just like he loved. He settled on the kitchen table to have his meal, but his mother was unintentionally waving her arse about in the kitchen, so he excused her thinking she was thinking about father again. He took the plate and went to the living room instead, thinking he was bothering her and her thoughts.

"Ring ring!" He had a snazzy perception that David was calling.

"Great show last night! Its was a winnebago! How was that pretty gal you walked backstage with?" he enquired.

"She was alright, God for saken sodden me with my duties and responsibilites..."

"Mother was alright with it?" He asked.

"Whoops, I forgot to tell her..."

He heard singing coming from the kitchen.

"Whoa, shes in a good mood!" David overheard and commented.

She was singing the tune of "Dangerous" shaking her big wanton arse about.

"Shes not taking no for an answer huh..." He commented again.

James blushed, and peeped at the suburban woman in the kitchen. She was on a roll, cleaning up the kitchen and making high.

It wasnt a minute when James called his mother back

"Mom, Im going out for a minute. Ill be right back."

"Be safe, son" she gestured.

He went outside for a breath of fresh air... Looking around for something to catch his attention. He remembered his old girl friend once in a while and their torrid relationship with the media. They asked so many questions, that it was unobstainable to carry on their love for one another. The jealousy was steaming as Petra watched him woo all the girls on stage, and she wasnt one who would give him a miss eye. She wanted him all to herself, she wanted ALL of him too. Slowly the flame died as James found better girls, failing to tell her the truth, and the lies built up. But he was a spoilt brat, thinking anything he wanted, he would might as well go and get it, with nobody standing in his way. A soulmate to put it in another way. With his predestination for a women who can aim straight to his heart. But he was yet to be fulfilled in that sort of way with any of the women he dated. On and on, almost innately nowadays, he would search for another heart.

He counted the pebbles which he kicked on the ground. 1 ,2 , ups a daisy. He continued this visionless pursuit until suddenly... Opps.

"Hey, watch where youre goi...." She shouted, when she was agasped at the sight of his fame and notoriety. She knew exactly who is was, although in the distant, he looked vague.

"Oh, Im sorry, I...." He stammered.

"Woo, are you James Blunt? Your mothers told me so much about you.. Remember me when you were with your high school sweethart? I was with Steven while you were with Juniper!"

"Ahhh, Alex!", he memorized her name. And yes, it was a BINGO! He did remember her like it was yesterday.

They chatted a bit at the local Starbucks, his new found favourite place in the city. They got along just like old pals, and then they decided to form a pat.

"If you dont go out with a girl by your next performance, I will have a chance" She bravely said.

He agreed tentatively.

"Ring ring!" It was David.

"Come by here by..I need to talk to you"

Petri was up almost as early as James. She made some deals with herself, resolutions by name to do everything James always do day by day, so as to closen the gap between her heart and his slave. She so wanted to be his slave, tending to his every need, listening to his every word, and tightening the gap though their relationship. She knew she never had a 'real' relationship with him, but keeping him close to her like that, she thought she would fulfill the role of ultimate fan! And from there, he will get to see the light she shines upon him to know how much she treasured him.

"How did the event go dear? Did you get to meet your sweethart?" her productive mother said.

"Loser girls there trying to climb up his shaft!"

"They were all looking no different from his personal slaveee..."

"Haha, Im sure you had a good time, sweetie, but theres no use wasting all your time on a superstar like that.. He has had his share of plenty of gals...You deseve better dear", She coaxed Petri.

"No Mother, ME, me, IM the key to his heart. He just hasnt realised it yet. We're meant to be!"

"Suit yourself dear, just dont get your heart broken again like you did with that Hanson guy.. Taylor, is it? See..Now hes married and forgotten all about you.. Living the languishing life!" She adviced.

"ANYWAY mother, I have to go. Gotta go get ready for Badminton practice!"

"Stay safe sweetie, and dont let the boogey man catch you on the train there!"

And that was the end of the conversation, as mother held her lips tight.

James stepped into the subway. It was his free day, his off day, and he wanted to spend it fruitfully. The previous days were giving him a heartache, with the millions of girls hearts he had broken, shrilling at his masterdom. He knew he had it all, lucky him. He downright thought he could get any girl he layed eyes upon. Playing the bachelor was all too customary to him. It fitted right in his comfort zone. He knew he had it all, and that no sane girl would resist him.

He took the first seat he got, at the centre, and got prepared for the trip. Off to the shopping mall to get a few grocery items. Then maybe hed visit his lovable Starbucks again.

His song came on the radio, that this girl was playing opposite him in the subway. "you're beautiful, you're beautiful" he sang. He was wondering whether she had noticed him there, but she seemed to be in a dream world of her own!

The sunlight came through the main door... And in she stepped, Petri, looking as beautiful and vibrant as the sun. She had twirled her hair slightly so it falled off her shoulders, thinking that she had the latest hairdo for the new millenium style. She wore a pretty pink floral dress with stunning high heeled shoes that made her look taller than others.

He noticed her after a while. She went to sit on the opposite right of him, not too many seats away.

"Yes, she caught my eye
As we walked on by
She could see from my face that I was
Fucking high
And I don't think that I'll see her again
But we shared a moment that will last 'til the end

You're beautiful. You're beautiful
You're beautiful, it's true
I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don't know what to do
'Cause I'll never be with you"

He peered at her, wincing his eyes, trying to remember where he had seen her before. He was smiling thinking what a beautiful moment it would be, if only she had eyes for him.

As he heard that, he saw her smiling a quaint, dream-like smile. She was listening when her eyes strolled here and there and finally landed on him!

"There must be an angel with a smile on her face

When she thought up that I should be with you

But it's time to face the truth

I will never be with you"

She got flabergasted. Was that really him?

She stared, opening up her doll like eyes to grasp his attention. He was doing the exact same thing. Their eyes met, and a flurry of romance filled the air between them. They hardly knew each other, but in an instant felt everything about one another. She smiled. He achieved his chance! He smiled back. The moment they shared seemed like an eternity, but Petris stop was here. She merrily made her way out, with clandestined tendencies. Should she pry on him and stalk him? Since the opportunity had arisen.

"Get back home soon, sweetie.." her mothers voice rang in her ears.

She got off, pondering what her next move would be.

She didnt know which stop he would get off at. She sneeked in from the other entrance, and had decided to follow him.

James was sad. He didnt know if he would see her again. He carried in his chest his love and awe inspiring getup with her. Hopefully he would see her again in the future.

"Come by my house James and have a cup of coffee with me" Alex's voice rang in his ears.

It wasnt 6 stops until he got off. He made his way, carrying himself like a handsome chunk of machoism. His mind still never completely left the train of thought of Petri. But he wasnt insecured or anything like that. He just wished there would be other girls like that in time to come. Alex was a good buy. But in actuality, he just didnt want to confront the lost opportunity. It would have hurt him too much.

She sneeked around, careful of police cars around her, with her bad reputation with the police. They knew her to be a stalker and had many complaints about her, but that didnt seem to cease any of her potentials. Nothing could hold her back from getting the thing she wanted. A go-getter would describe her perfectly.

She hid from wall outings to wall outings, following him precariously, making sure that her identity remained hidden. She thought that somehow, telephatically, he knew she was following him. Her shadow grazed him once in a while and they would share dejavu, but he keep on strudding himself to his destination, unoocupied with the things going on around him, and with that perfect stranger.

He made the final bend. Alex was waiting for him there.

"Hi, loverboy.. How was your trip?"

He opened up graciously to her and gave her a warm friendly hug.

Petris eyes widened. She had seen too much. A certain steam ran through her body and her blood fired up. Who was this new bitch? She looked like a Semi Asian dog, smelly and small headed. No comparison to Petri. What was this white hunka muffin doing with this Asian ingrade, she thought.

Jealousy was abounds, and she wouldnt give up the feeling, thinking that she could feel James love for women through it. She so wanted him to be hers and only hers.

She saw them chatting up a conversation, and waited patiently for her next move. But she didnt exactly know how to budge in. Suddenly, Alex saw her! She hid...And didnt let herself be seen for a while.

She peered back, but whoosh, they were gone! What a waste of energy. She thought she would find out more about him, for his stay here, so she could follow him some more. But the next time, her benefit would come.

She continued hanging around them. She could see that they had surrendered at the 5th storey, where she could see them at the balcony, having an afternoon lunch and chat. Her blood boiled and boiled, the longer she had seen them together. However she had imagined that it was only a casual contact and that he wasnt that interested in her. Thats where her imagination had foiled, as she intentionally imagined whatever she wanted to, whether it was obvious or not. She was oblivious to his advances on her.

She stayed there for a few more hours, stinking under the hot boiling sun to her hot boiling blood. It was like a merry infestation. Everytime she saw them touch, she grew a little more grewd. James was very hansy with her and she could see that she was trying to play hanky panky with him. And everytime she did that, she spat at the ground, cursing and cursing her.

"What does she have, that I dont.. Stupid Asian dog" She cursed.

She saw him adjourning with her into their private condo. She wasnt going to stay around and watch any longer. She spat at her lost, and decided to scurry off, taking down her address to keep at least a spec of his whereabout alive.

Love me, worship me and be at my knees.
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Want me to continue writing this fanfic??

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Yes please it's a great story.
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Hi Chaputar 3 I just have to confirm I did not write this. Good luck happy writing
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Hi Chapters up I just have to confirm I did not write this good luck
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