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Posted 17 November 2017 18:29

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Google translation from German.


Personal Training: Aschaffenburger keeps James Blunt fit

Coach Ramon Imhof is currently on tour with the English singer and his band

Main-Echo (Germany)
Xenia Reinfels
14 November 2017

Ramon Imhof has fulfilled his dream: he always wanted to work with stars. After ten years working as a personal trainer, the 33-year-old from Aschaffenburg has achieved his goal - since mid-October he has worked with singer James Blunt and his band. The 43-year-old singer-songwriter from England became world famous in 2004 with his hit "You're Beautiful".

Although he is known for his ballads, he is constantly on the move: "Blunt moves everywhere on the stage, he flies from left to right, goes to the ground, greets the audience and jumps back up," Ramon Imhof describes the sweaty and Energetic body use of the artist. The training program is therefore specifically designed for endurance on the stage.

Job offer via SMS
How do you win a customer like James Blunt? With much patience and good contacts, Imhof reveals. Four years ago, Imhof met the English drummer Karl Brazil through a former client. He plays for musicians like Robbie Williams - and James Blunt. Two months ago, Brazil and Imhof talked more intensively at a Robbie Williams concert. Imhof Brazil showed some stretching exercises to relax his tense muscles before the concert. The exercises helped immediately for one of the last gigs of the tour. Since Brazil went on tour with James Blunt in the episode, he suggested Imhof as a care.

After ten years, Ramon Imhof's dream came true very quickly: in mid-October Imhof received an SMS asking whether he could come to Cologne the next day to meet Blunt and the band. "I put everything together immediately and went there," the fitness trainer recalls. Band and Imhof were immediately likeable, the Aschaffenburger boarded the tour bus and the trip went to Hannover, Halle, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Vienna and Salzburg. Imhof felt at ease in the round: "I was taken in as if in a family."

Individual training plans
Imhof's job in this family is not only to take care of the physical fitness of James Blunt and Co., but also their mobility, posture, diet and sleep. That's why he came up with a training system that takes all these aspects into account as a "holistic concept". This is important because you quickly develop bad habits on tour: eating fast food and lazing around are easy when you're on a bus and constantly moving from one city to another.

Activity and good nutrition are very important for this very reason, says Ramon Imhof: "We do fitness exercises in the morning and mobilization exercises in the afternoons so that the musicians are ready for the evening's performance."

Since no gym is available on tour, Imhof had to get creative in the training plan: The majority of the exercises that he has developed for Blunt and his band, work with the individual body weight. In addition, Imhof always has a medicine ball, Therabänder for resistance training and hand weights here - "they do not need more to keep fit," says the coach.

According to Imhof, activation and mobilization exercises are even more important than fitness training. All band members have received an individual training plan because every instrument uses different muscles. Drummer Karl Brazil, for example, is tense in his arms up to the neck area. When playing the rear thigh muscles is also claimed. Imhof's training plan for Brazil aims to strengthen and relax these body regions. The guitarists in turn focus on the fingers and forearms.

15 guitar changes
The training of James Blunt himself looks different in addition to the endurance program: The musician changes the guitar 15 times per performance, the belt always hangs on the neck and cuts. When Blunt bends forward to sing, he bends his shoulders and is thus permanently tense. Imhof looks at Blunt's movements during the concert and then does an analysis with the artist. He makes suggestions and gives tips for the next appearance. In addition, Imhof makes breathing exercises with the singer.

The personal trainer must always make sure that the group complies with their training. Because so much happens around the musicians, they mostly do not think about it and Imhof has to motivate: »But they need it, and of course they like it, that they have someone who looks and respects a bit,« says Imhof.

After the tour
The tour will run until the middle of next year, but Imhof plans to be in Aschaffenburg often. He has a strong bond to his homeland, he says - especially since he recently opened his own gym. Besides, he does not want to let his other customers down. These include snowboarder pro Thomas Feuerstein, extreme mountaineer Thomas Huber and the factory race team of Aston Martin at the Nürburgring. But the next tour with the next star is coming.

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Posted 19 November 2017 09:09

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James is looking incredibly fit
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