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Pure Charts Interview - France Expand / Collapse
Posted 24 September 2011 17:20

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This interview comes back because an excerpt was taken to publish a recent article on the release of 'Dangerous' video. Translated from French to English with Google.


Saturday, November 6th, 2010
Jonathan Hamard, Editor

James Blunt Interview

While he was passing through Paris, we had the privilege of asking some questions to James Blunt about his new album to be released this November 8. Entitled "Some Kind Of Trouble", it follows two albums that met with great success around the world: "Back To Beldam" and "All The Last Souls". This is the song "Stay The Night" in radio for several weeks, which promotes this new production which contrasts effectively with the previous records.

What has happened to you during the three years that separate us from your second album "All The Lost Souls"?

"All The Lost Souls" is indeed released in 2007. And for two years after its release, I toured around the world. It was really intense. For twelve months I have visited 206 cities. It was a very big job. So after two years when I got home in London, I was delighted to see my family and friends. And for a while, I put away my guitar and hidden my piano. My manager and the label had understood that I wanted to take a break before resuming the path of the studios. Then I actually started to register titles. And then the excitement of all this work has come when I heard my first demos.

Moreover, this time was very beneficial since your new song "Stay The Night" with your old band truly productions more sober and rather melancholy. Is it your opinion is representative of your new album "Some Kind Of Trouble"?

Yes, absolutely. It is true that the song "Stay The Night" is very representative of the album and announce exactly what he is. The first time you hear "Stay The Night", it inspires you joy and happiness. She speaks of the optimism that is essential to move forward and celebrate life. Most of the songs I wrote for "Some Kind Of Trouble" are in the same vein and are characterized by the optimism that I wanted to recreate on it. This is my album of the three most positive I've done in my career.

Contrary to your previous albums, you give to see a brighter image of life ...

You know, many things can make a day more beautiful and exciting. We can get in the middle of a room and enjoy our surroundings. I mean, you need to know to appreciate the simple things that life gives you. It is this idea that I wanted to convey with "Some Kind Of Trouble". Just to see a smile can make you happy. For my part, it is to write songs that filled my life.

The idea of freedom is also present, notably on the cover of "Some Kind Of Trouble". What to see in this child tossed beneath the crowd?

I do think that this album develops the notion of freedom. And the baby is free of negative electron. It represents the unconsciousness and innocence. For this album, I did not want to be like the past where you see my face in close-up. There, I really wanted to present something special with a sense. And then this child is thrown over a crowd, it means that we, as adults we are, we celebrate the freedom and innocence.

The title of this new album "Some Kind Of Trouble" seems at once very mysterious ...

Indeed, it means that our first impressions are not necessarily good. If you walk in the capital on Saturday night for example, encountered two men, one will be tempted to think they are more dangerous than a woman who walks alone. But who tells us that this is not the woman he must fear the danger ...? You see, that's "Some Kind Of Trouble".

Besides, have you worked on this album much different in design than in the literary and musical?

I think it is completely different from the previous two in terms of production.Before recording the songs, I needed to experience things that allow me to find the inspiration to reflect the ideas I wanted to include in the album. Previously, I wrote my songs before moving into studios. This time, all the work was done simultaneously with respect to the recording and writing: everything was done in the studios. These are the main significant growth in my way of working compared to what I have done before.

In a way, you're looking to catch, or even capture can I say, a particular emotion for each title?

Exactly. And to do that, we had to find a way of working that is adapted to this quest. Anyone or anything could inspire an emotion but you had to know it all fit.Whether sound or image, my daily life had to be happy to return to avoid feelings of sadness in my compositions. And the result would definitely be positive.

With this major change in your career, did not you apprehensive about the reception of this album by the public?

I do not know. I expect nothing special. For my part, I am satisfied with the result. I know my surroundings, whether my friends and my team really like what we produced. The label was very excited to hear these new songs where you hear me singing life. Overall, the feedback has so far been very positive. So if I had to have one word to answer this question, I would say I am very excited.

You sold fifteen million albums worldwide since "Back To Beldam." What feelings that inspire you when you were successful military before the singer we know today?

It is not an easy question, especially since I did not really have many memories of the past. Everything went so fast. But I know I'm really lucky to have arrived there because the music industry is very hard for artists lately. I am proud of this success and happy experience.

Moreover, few people know that you were military before being a singer. How does one become an internationally recognized singer so that is part of the British army?

I think it's my military career, which actually led to me becoming a musician. In my first life, I had many experiences in different countries. I saw many things and I understood what life was like. I felt a lot of sensations and emotions that are today the basis of my artistic inspiration. In the various countries I visited, I could see the most beautiful sun but also the larger shadows. And my relationship with my colleagues are also the basis of that inspiration: our histories and our collective experiences are important things that remain etched in me and within me, even in the studio. Until recently, I was able to capture emotions and feelings, thinking back to my past. Music detects my emotions.

War and peace are part of your text and you participated in 2005 and 2007 to "Live Nation". This year, you were on stage at the concert "Help For Heroes."Your previous military career is even totally in tune with your music career I would say.

Yes, and especially one of my first songs, "No Bravery". I refer to the war and my experiences in the army, especially with the clip which is like a diary of my activities in countries beset by difficulties. I write my songs, thinking of everything that happened to me and everything I saw because these are serious things that allow me to understand the world in which we live. This is also why I who speak knowingly, I have to attend these concerts are events that affect me.

Speaking of concert, you come to France for four concerts in 2011 which at the Zenith in Paris and three in the Province. It's unusual for international artists really go out to meet the French public as you do. It is important to you?

Yes, it is a response to the public to come to meet him and not vice versa. I think I might actually come to Paris several times rather than to visit France as we do.But I'd rather go see my audience to commune with him, at home or as close as possible so that we truly share an intense moment. And I know Paris since I've been here several times. So I go really in what is called a "tour". This is my greatest pleasure.
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